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Looking for the perfect Photographer to capture every special moment of your wedding! Look at our preferred vendors.


Frozen Photography

Whether we're working from a list of must-haves you created or drawing on our experience, we'll make sure we get the perfect shot every time. We can capture the moments we know you'll want so your event is perfectly preserved. We love everything about LOVE and this is our specialty when it comes to wedding photography.

Katie Hunt Photography

As your wedding photographer I understand that your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life and I love to be there every step of the way! That’s why when you book me to be your wedding photographer, not only will I show up and provide amazing photo’s of your special day, but I will also be with you through your entire wedding planning process.  I am more than happy to give you tips and help connect you with amazing vendors that I’ve worked with throughout the years,  to help create the beautiful day that you’ve dreamt about.

katie hunt.jpg

Mueller Photography

Your wedding is a day you’ve dreamed of and planned for.  It’s a day where the two of you begin a new life together.  Celebrate this day with wedding imagery that is unlike any other.
At Mueller Photography, you’ll receive world class creativity, exceptional quality and unparalleled service.  We focus on every detail when creating your images from planning and photographing to your final photographs. You’ll talk with Adam personally to plan your day and decide on the options that work for you and your investment.

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